More to Do Before 52!

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It’s Wednesday night, I am standing outside the house looking towards the road, praying to see Zeb’s headlights.  Andy walks out of the house, says “It’s 9:45…I’m going.”  He jumps in his car and heads towards Monticello.  Zeb drove to Monticello for wrestling practice by himself and should have been home around 8:45. In my mind, I keep reviewing the brief conversation we had before he left.  I want to show Zeb the roads to drive on a roadmap.  We got distracted, Zeb typed the address into Google Maps, and took off.

10 minutes after Andy left, Zebby drives down the lane.  He quickly gets out of the truck, I give him a big hug, and can feel his heart beating very fast.  He explained that the battery on his cellphone ran out of power. None of his teammates had a phone charger, so he mistakenly drove north on Highway 151 instead of south and drove 35 miles until he figured out he was almost to Dubuque (75 miles from home).

In today’s world, it is easy to work towards a goal without taking the time to clarify where we are, and the route we want to take.  If we are not aware of our current location, we don’t have a clear starting point, thus making it impossible to determine our route.  This seems simple, but most of us are seldom brutally honest about our current reality.  We are too distracted, or afraid the reality will make us feel bummed, or ashamed of ourselves.

The route is our strategy, and strategy is crucial.  We need to determine our strategy and know where we are on our path.  We need signs and data to make sure we are going in the right direction.  This strategy allows us to adapt to barriers, and in life, there will be barriers!  Without a strategy, we don’t have a map, and may end up 75 miles from our desired destination.

I have More to do Before 52!  To make this happen, I will be brutally honest with myself to clarify my current reality and determine my strategy.

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