Willing to go on an adventure?

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adventureI step into the big round raft and my kids say “Mom’s going to get we-et”. As soon as we start down the Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges ride, we float under a narrow stream of water that is positioned precisely over my head. It’s a direct hit. We surge on into two deep rapids, a foot of water gushes over my side of the raft and onto me. I am soaked! Lou and Zeb start cracking up. Eleanor, bless her heart, is saying “are you ok Mommy?” while trying hard not to laugh too hard.

Then, as our journey continues, a little fish off to the side, squirts a tiny, minute, truly insignificant amount of water in Lou’s direction. Lou, put his hands up, leans away from the water and squeaks “ahhhh”. There was a silent pause in our barge as we took in the 19-year-old college student/tough wrestler, who just squealed like a little kid because of a tiny bit of water ON A WATER RIDE! Then we burst out laughing and relentlessly imitate his “ahhhh”.

When I think back to that wonderful adventure, my heart squeezes just a bit, because it almost didn’t happen. I normally avoid water rides. It is uncomfortable walking around in wet clothes and, I’ll tell you, that water is NOT a natural blue! But the thing is, Adventure and Comfort cannot co-exist! So, that morning, I packed an extra set of clothes, avoided looking at the color of the water, and focused on being with my kids. As a result, together, we had a wonderful moment of joy, connection, and love.

This experience made me realize we have opportunities for Adventures every single day! For example, instead of just working just like I did the day before, if I immerse myself in the experience and take some risks it becomes an adventure. Decide, plan, focus on the results, and go for it!

My next adventure is calling to schedule Human Capital Analysis meetings. What’s yours?